Two strong partners – one mission

What is true on the football field is often also true off the field: together we can achieve more! This is why the number 1 in eye lubrication and the number 1 in German football are joining forces. HYLO® has been an official gold partner of FC Bayern Munich since the start of the 2017/2018 Bundesliga season and a platinum partner of FC Bayern Munich since July 2019. With this partnership both sides are pursuing a common goal: developing the public’s awareness of the insidious and widespread condition of „dry eye“ and what can be done about it by those affected.

The focus of the campaign is the innovative HYLO CARE® eye drops. The drops not only care for the eyes but also support their natural regeneration thanks to the intensive lubrication which helps to keep the eyes healthy. HYLO CARE® is therefore the ideal response to increasing digital eye strain resulting from the growing use of computers, smartphones and the like.


HYLO® and FC Bayern Munich give dry eyes the red card so you can enjoy every single moment in the future too!

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