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Digital eye strain

The earlier you protect yourself, the better!

Whether for work or leisure, the increasingly intense use of new forms of media such as smartphones, computers and tablets is leading to an increase in digital eye strain. The consequences of ongoing strain are often only noticed much later and can lead to dry eye or sicca syndrome. But the right care and prevention can counteract the consequences of daily strain on the eyes.

Our eyes cope with a fair amount every day!

Current screen time across society is now five to seven hours a day. The use of smartphones and tablets in particular, which makes up two-thirds of total media time, continuously stresses our sensitive visual organs: since our eyes fix on the screen, we blink considerably less often, leading to ruptures in the tear film and disruption of the natural protective barrier.

The increase in digital eye strain adds to the already enormous strain placed on our eyes thanks to our modern lifestyles and environmental irritants. We sit in offices that are cooled by air conditioning in summer and heated during winter. The dry air in these rooms can dry out our eyes. Experts refer to the combined effect of screen work and dry air as office eye syndrome. Travel stress, side effects of medications, fine dust and wearing contact lenses all add to the daily strain placed on our eyes.

Hard Facts

75 %

fewer blinks when looking at a screen – only 5 blinks per minute instead of 20.

80 %

of the population are affected by digital eye strain.

96,2 %

of workers use the internet.

Germans spend 209 minutes a day online while travelling. 

Eye strain manifests in a number of ways

Permanently high levels of eye strain manifest in the following symptoms:


  • Red eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Irritated eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Feeling of dryness
  • Eye pain


In the worst-case scenario, permanent strain can lead to chronically dry eyes known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca syndrome. Twice as many people suffer from this widespread disease today than 20 years ago. We often only start to notice the negative consequences of permanent strain on our eyes in the second half of our lives from about 45–55 years of age. Then the symptoms of ‘dry eye’ may make themselves painfully obvious and become chronic – even if we only experienced mild symptoms or none at all when younger.

So that your eyes stay fit, they need your help!

Prevention instead of treatment

We care for our skin so that it stays smooth and supple. But we leave our eyes – perhaps our most important sensory organ – to their own devices, despite exposing them to major stresses every day. It’s high time to reconsider this approach: Our eyes do so much for us – let’s give them something back!

the daily eye care for everyone

Packshot HYLO CARE®

Act instead of merely reacting! With the special protective and caring formula of hyaluronic acid + dexpanthenol, HYLO CARE® cares for your eyes AND protects them from the consequences of daily eye strain. While highly viscous hyaluronic acid provides immediate, particularly beneficial and long-lasting eye lubrication, dexpanthenol helps with regenerative eye lubrication and eye care. The drying out of the surface of the eye can be largely prevented so the cells in the cornea and conjunctiva can recover in the long term. In this way your eyes remain as symptom-free as possible despite the daily stresses. The eye drops are particularly gentle to the eyes because they are free from phosphates and preservatives. There are more than 300 drops in a bottle and HYLO CARE® eye drops can be used for up to 6 months after opening. Just a few drops every day helps the eyes to recover and also effectively prevents the medical condition „dry eye“.

HYLO CARE® – the daily eye care product for everyone

  • ProtectionProtects against the consequences of digital eye strain.
  • Recoveryensures soothing recovery of the eyes.
  • Reliefcombats dry eyes and relieves symptoms.
  • Regenerationsupports the body’s own regeneration of the eyes.

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